Until March 6 2010, the collective Dito is exposed in Paris at the Lieu du Design. Inaugurated last night, "Dito From Scratch" gives us the opportunity to discover sketches, models and latest designs of these 10 young designers and learn more about their method of collective work and open. An approach at odds with the surrounding star system.

"Some details on the timeline of this project:

1. A common method and "repertoire" (June 2006 - September 2007)

Once constituted collective Dito thought initially to develop a common vocabulary. A repertoire of forms is created from images or ideas contributed by each voted collectively.

2. ... Drawings and a sketchbook (October 2007 - 2008 March)

From the basic repertoire of forms, the first sketches are developed. Everyone grabs the directory in its way, and the various individual proposals are discussed collectively. Ideas turn, are appropriate and carried further by others.

3. The first choice (March 2008 2009 June)

Among the sketches of accumulation, we must now identify the most promising leads. The selection is made democratically: each tells his favorite, and those common projects are kept. The most interesting ideas are developed separately by different members of Dito, and discussed at meetings. Sometimes they move from one member to another.

4. Select, complete (July 2009 - 2010 January)

To finalize its various tracks, Dito returns to a more collective way of working. The selected projects are discussed and modified collectively at meetings. They then belong to anybody, and evolve in the field of viewpoints of different members. "

To learn more about the approach of Dito, discover the section of the Design Review "Democratic in its genesis and unusual in its form, the collective design of Dito".

Visit the site Ditto.

And for more information about the Design Location is here.

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