In Paris, on the occasion of the exhibition Ideobain 2010, Matali us his vision of the bathroom. With the "Hi Soon" installation, it offers a light structure bent wood, a plant open space which coincides with that of the chamber.

On "Hi Soon", Matali wrote:

"The structure, like a garden greenhouse, is made of curved chestnut, natural material that resists water. It defines the space while retaining the open. It feels inside the bian room but taking advantage of all the space. the plant has domesticate bathroom accessories that are often perceived as very technical. the bathroom in the center of the space used to evacuate the health codes and to simplify the seals.

Flows - draining- and water supply - are installed under the floor. These modules are raised and connect to allow for easy installation.

The structure also carries the light: fluorescent tubes and two suspensions. It is a textile that are deployed only temporarily to manage privacy.

The hotel room consists of several modules placed end to bot which lets you create different types of spaces:

- A pontoon space, in length, presented next

- A platform space, square, where all activities are grouped behind the sleeping

- A U-shaped space, which form brackets on either side of the bed

- A minimum island area that includes only the modules shower and sink and can be integrated in all rooms

This project illustrates my spacialisation of research that sheds leading scalability, respiration and the symbiosis between the natural and the artificial. "

"Hi Soon" was produced in partnership with Aquamass, Danese, Dornbracht, Dunlopillo, Hi Hotel, Moustache, Philips and Ren.

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