In continuation of his "Evolution Collection" designer Nacho Carbonell on presents his office "Of One Piece", a hybrid prototype, cabinet 5 feet both chair and desk.

Voted "Designer of the Future" at DesignMiami Basel 2009, Nacho Carbonell questions our perceptions and our certainties. With organic and crude forms, typologies mutant, Siamese alliances, amazing heights or feet missing, his bestiary surprise and detonates.

His office "Of One Piece" was recently presented as part of the exhibition "Chaos / Order" in the last Dutch Design Week.

To learn more about "One Piece Of" is here.

Discover also the recent "Skin Collection" Nacho Carbonell of a series of furniture prototypes equipped with a flexible and stretchable skin allowing the user to slide objects.

To learn more about "Skin Collection" is here.

Discover also the "Front Cocoon", a piece of furniture between chair and presented to the cocoon Rossana Orlandi gallery during the Milan Design Week 2009.

For more information on the "Front Cocoon" is here.

To find out more detail the work of Nacho Carbonell is here.

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