While in their infancy, the Swedes of Note Design Studio, coffee in hand, review each other's notebooks and dwell on the many sketches that populate their margins. Thus was born the exhibition "Marginal notes", an exercise in style without the slightest call for concrete results. It was without counting on the mark La Chance who sees in these drawings of the bases which will become thereafter emblematic. History.

An almost automatic drawing, a scribble without a particular destiny, an object with awkward proportions: this is how the young Scandinavian designers saw the first steps of the Bolt and Tembo stools. An opinion that Jean-Baptiste Souletie, co-founder of La Chance, does not share, calling them quickly to produce the two iconic seats today. "When I contacted them to produce some of these pieces, in this case Bolt and Tembo, while La Chance did not exist yet, they took us for lunatics [...]. " he confides elsewhere. Crazies perhaps, but with a look and an unparalleled flair.

Then begins a collaboration between creators and entrepreneurs in which each of the know-how is exploited to give life to two pieces, something that Note Design Studio had never done before. On paper, the stools are free from constraints and characterized by unusual, almost eccentric silhouettes. And that's exactly what pleased Jean-Baptiste Souletie who is keen to keep this graphic aspect a little crazy in the material design.

"The visual impact is based on the contrast between the frank and massive volumes that are perceived as heavy, with suspended metal elements that structure the silhouette of the object. " Jean-Baptiste Souletie, co-founder of the brand La Chance

Result? Contemporary seating with various influences. Tembo is a kind of modern day totem whose name means "elephant feet" in Swahili. A name that refers to the massive shape of the upper part not without recalling the foot of the animal. If its diameter remains of 36 centimeters, Tembo is proposed in three heights: 46, 66 and 76 centimeters, conferring to him as he climbs a poetic aerial aspect.
Bolt, meanwhile, consists of four logs held together by a contrasting metal ring. At once rustic and contemporary; Raw and refined, the stool with a recognizable appearance among thousands has also won a Wallpaper Design Awards in 2013.

A unique journey for unique objects.

To learn more, visit the site of Note Design Studio

Photographs: Kojima Yokuse

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