Directly inspired by the volcanic landscapes of Mount St. Helens (USA), the Californian studio LGS imagine a series of decorative objects retrading the imperfections winding paths and hot stone stratovolcano Washington State. A subtle work of ceramics in which the many defects contribute to shaping the aesthetics.

A tephra is a fragment of solid rock projected into the air following the eruption of a volcano. This is also the name of the new collection by LGS Studio, whose various creations refer to the volcanic universe and the panorama of Mount St. Helens. Consisting of dishes, lighting fixtures and decorative accessories - including a mirror and candles - the alternating ocher and blue set attempts to retranslate the effect of the rock within the domestic space.

These ceramic pieces are carved in the lathe and are the result of the combination of different enamels, thus enabling designers to recreate the particular patina of volcanic stone and its irregular texture. An intelligent way to give Tephra a timeless character while being part of the trend of natural colors that has governed the design and the world of decoration for some time now.

A series on the way to becoming iconic.

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Photographs: LGS Studio

Zoe Térouinard

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