On the occasion of the London Design Festival, French designer Camille Walala dresses the streets of the British capital with colorful urban furniture elements. Multicolored benches, flags and planters turn the South Molton Street neighborhood into a comfortable, pop outdoor lounge. An immersive experience that makes summer last.

A graduate of the University of Brighton in textile design, French Camille Walala creates her brand in 2009 in London, where she is still based today. Recognized around the world, his explosive style is exhibited on every continent, as in Mauritius, through the Salt of Palmar project. The combination of graphic patterns, geometrical volumes and expressive colors has become its hallmark, which is constantly evolving, both for interior design projects and for furniture design.

Today in Camille Walala, Camille Walala invites us to follow her optimism. Designed for the Grosvenor Group and installed for one year, the set of colorful public amenities designed by the artist includes ten benches, self-supporting or integrated cubic planters, and hanging flags. From her collaboration with Julia Jomaa, Artistic Director, the pieces have been designed in close connection with the site they are part of.

Each bench made of brushed steel and MDF has a geometric shape of its own. Finally, only the patterns and bright tones create the harmony of this heterogeneous group. The immersive installation is thus intended to create the smile of passers-by and bring gaiety to the daily lives of Londoners.

A fun way to stand out from traditional street furniture.

To learn more, visit Camille Walala's website

Photographs: Camille Walala / Studio Stagg

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