Under the leadership of Joan Miró's heirs, the family-run French porcelain company of Limoges Bernardaud manufactures an exceptional service dedicated to the surrealist work of the Catalan painter. A limited edition that appeals to collectors.

At the request of the Successió Miró, the table service produced by Bernardaud is made from the seventy two original lithographs of the book Speak Alone. A collection of poems by Tristan Tzara, without uppercase or punctuation, which was illustrated by Joan Miró between 1948 and 1950.

The pieces of the service - timbale, ravier, assorted plates, bowls, coffee cups and saucers - are intended to make accessible the illustrations of the artist who magnify the poetry of Tzara without distorting them. We can then discover exceptional dishes that accurately reproduces the irregularity of the brushstrokes, the liveliness of the colors, the depth of the naive motifs of Joan Miró.

A very colorful collection edited to a hundred copies of a hundred pieces that invites to sit happily at the table.

To know more, visit Bernardaud's website

Photographs: DR

Zoe Térouinard

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