7258 design muuuz archidesignclub magazine architecture interior decoration home art design kaschkasch kuschco creva logoLong neglected and standardized, the offices have for some time been the subject of special treatment, approaching the comfort of the home while remaining adapted to tertiary uses. The Creva range, designed by the studio Kaschkasch, is a perfect illustration of this change and consists of warm and colorful elements that would make us almost want to work longer hours.

The Creva series comes in two ranges: Creva Desk and Creva Soft, both of which meet new tertiary needs. No more boxes and other open-spaces squared! In a time of flex office, telecommuting and informal meeting spaces, Kaschkasch studio designers imagine a set of modular and comfortable seating adapted to the various configurations that require a space of rest, a hall or even a office today.
Called Creva Soft, this first range includes stools, armchairs, benches and seats for two or three people as well as modules without files that can be associated with the infinite and modified according to the desires of the user. A simple concept that opens a multitude of new development perspectives. Left free in a waiting room or decorated with acoustic panels to work comfortably without being distracted by the conversations of colleagues, these seats also have plugs to charge computers and phones and small wooden shelves, transforming the together in a real work space optimized and ergonomic. Available in many colors, these fabric elements combine well-being and efficiency, a winning combination to perform in this new world of work available to us.

The second part of the Creva collection, Creva Desk is closer to traditional office furniture, tackling the problem of the desk itself. Comprising five models of tables and work surfaces, the series meets a wide range of needs relating to the proper functioning of each type of business. We thus find the traditional desk, dressed here in attractive colors and whose silhouette goes from the traditional rectangle to the surface with rounded edges. The meeting tables also adapt to the desires of company managers. When Kusch + Co offers a classic - but still available in several trendy colors - the German company also imagines a warmer surface that can be adorned with many accessories such as partition panels, power modules or sleek wooden lamps. . The CREVA Desk table system is also characterized by the outsourcing of its electrification. 230V and USB socket blocks are placed on a slot inserted across the entire width of the top, an ingenious system that allows them to be moved and added later. . These wooden socket blocks, just like partitions or lighting, are thus externalized and visible, like small accessories as practical as they are aesthetic.

An eclectic collection that rhymes productivity and aesthetics brilliantly!

To know more, visit the Kusch + Co website

Photographs: DR

About Kusch + Co
Kusch + Co is a German company that has been a leader in the field of community planning since 1939. Between seats, tables and high-end offices, Kusch + Co is constantly looking for innovation and aesthetics.

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