Since 2015, the editor Au fil des Couleurs has been offering exceptional, custom-made panoramic wall decorations to wallpaper lovers. An ever-increasing search for quality that encourages the brand to evolve and become Les Dominotiers, a concept combining traditional know-how, contemporary patterns and supports. Zoom on an editor in the process of becoming essential.

“A wallpaper carries old values, it cannot be born from nothing. " It is in these words that Frank Halard, CEO of Au fil des Couleurs et des Dominotiers defines the activity of these two publishers. A link with History that manifests itself in the name of the brand, referring to Dominoterie, ancestral profession aimed at printing patterns on loose sheets, called dominoes. A wink that does not prevent the Dominotiers design studio from anchoring itself in modernity, quite the contrary!

This dialogue between tradition and contemporary design is articulated through different points. At first, this search for novelty and modernity results in the creation of original patterns by Zoé Crait, interior designer and graduate designer from the Boulle and Camondo schools, at the head of the creation studio, which constitute a veritable invitation to travel and escape. Prints which are then available on 17 new supports, ranging from Japanese straw to metallic cork and which give life to the drawings imagined by the internal creation studio but also by Sandrine Alouf or Vincent Darré, artists with whom the brand has recently collaborated.

To discover the dreamlike world of Dominotiers, visit their 70 square meter shoowroom, located at 31 rue de l'Abbé Grégoire in the 6th arrondissement of the capital. Here, everything has been thought of to support wallpaper lovers in their search for the perfect wall decor. Designed by architect Thierry Taquet, this space offers samples of the firm's latest collections in large formats, thus creating a maze of the most poetic backdrops. Thanks to the wise advice of Nathalie Cohen, responsible for tailor-made projects for Les Dominotiers, the client can have the opportunity to choose their motive from a wide range of proposals, as well as their support, which can completely change the nature of the product. 'selected print.

Combining beautiful craftsmanship and affordable prices, Les Dominotiers will certainly seduce you as much as they knew how to charm the editorial staff of Muuuz!

To learn more, visit Les Dominotiers website

Photographs: Les Dominotiers, MK-IDEES, Herve Goluza

Zoe Térouinard

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