The Dutch design studio Supertoys Supertoys imagines strange objects, whose pastel colors and singular shapes question the relationships that human beings have with objects.

The interior designer Merle Flügge and the architect Job Mouwen founded the design studio Supertoys Supertoys in 2018 and have been broadcasting from an animistic vision of subjectivity and the world. With their pastel tones, their bizarre shapes and their playful dimension, the objects designed by Merle Flügge and Job Mouwen are animistic, thus reevaluating the current socioeconomic systems that they reject.

What if a table wants to be a flower? Or if a table, which looks like a flower, turns back into a table, what does the table want? These are the astonishing questions posed by the duo when it seeks to understand the imperceptible characteristics of matter, form and object. The Creature Comfort armchair, has a lacquered and polished hardwood seat and a round and flexible foam backrest, and is both playful and wise, comfortable and uncomfortable, friendly and austere. The Cosmic Flower table, for its part, is made with a Cantaloupe or mint green epoxy resin slightly translucent. Its great originality leaves room for our imagination.

Curious objects that invite you to consider the essence of the objects rather than their functionality.

To learn more, visit Supertoys Supertoys website.

Photographs: © Pim Top

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