In the light of the ecological crisis, designers and brands are reflecting on a different future and defending eco-responsible creation. Focus on three design collections which testify to a desire to produce differently.

The "Thirsty" collection (Zuiver)
The famous Dutch brand Zuiver is committed to eco-responsible design and relies on production methods that respect the environment. With its new “Thirsty” collection, it produces chairs and armchairs in recycled plastic. The range brings together seats with a minimalist formal purity which prove that for an aesthetic result, there is no need to bet on polluting materials and manufacturing methods!


The "Teşekkül" collection (Dahlia Subasi)
The architect and committed designer Dahlia Subasi imagines and manufactures objects in mushroom mycelium and natural materials. After studying the mycelium for a long time, she decided to use this organic material to create design objects - vases, lamps - with astonishing texture. The “Teşekkül” collection was born. By working on responsible design, Dahlia Subasi brings design enthusiasts and collectors to take an interest in eco-design.


The "Trashformers" collection (Savvas Laz)
Indignant at the accumulation of waste in his native country, the Greek designer Savvas Laz signs the series “Trashformers”, a collection of furniture designed from recycled materials found in the street. Savvas Laz indeed collects pieces of styrofoam from household appliances and transforms them into everyday objects. Thus, this range denounces the pollution caused by the packaging industry while highlighting the multiple possibilities of recycling in the design sector.


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