Young ceramicist Lisa Allegra explores the contrast and balance of matter with her hand-crafted terracotta pieces. For the designer, the earth is a unique material evoking both childhood memories and old objects. At the crossroads of craftsmanship and contemporary art, its “MOOR” and “APPAREL” collections invite us to discover its poetic universe.

A graduate of the École des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg in object design, Lisa Allegra (born in 1986) was introduced to working with the earth during her studies. After collaborating with different Parisian design studios, she left Paris in 2012 to travel around the world. On her return, a year later, she cut her teeth in scenography at Diptyque in Paris. Today she lives and works in Barcelona (Spain), where she imagines and manufactures ceramic objects and furniture.

"Changing scale ... Going from hand work to body work ... from table space to workshop space makes me discover new sensations, and at the same time brings me back to a commitment very intimate, uncompromising, total, almost obsessive. ", Lisa Allegra, designer.

To create the pieces from the “MOOR” and “APPAREL” collections, Lisa Allegra used the same plate modeling technique but produced two distinct sets. The "MOOR" collection brings together contemporary furniture with sensual shapes, while the "APPAREL" collection brings together figurative vases that reproduce cuts of clothing or fashion accessories.

The "MOOR" collection includes a table, a stool, three lamps and planter ceramics. These hand-modeled chamotte stoneware pieces stand out for their massive shape inspired by mooring bollards. Both functional object and sculptural work, each piece in the series transcribes in a minimal form a certain idea of ​​balance.

Designed during confinement, the nine vases from the “APPAREL” collection are unique pieces spontaneously handcrafted. Reflecting on fashion, art and design, Lisa Allegra chose to "work the earth like canvas or leather" to "make a pattern, build, sew, fold, create raw or raw edges, then freeze by fire, a drape, a pleated or a neckline ... ”Thus, each piece of the collection combines clean cuts and worked with daring details born of spontaneous gestures and random movements.

Halfway between craftsmanship and art, Lisa Allegra's sculptural creations are resolutely contemporary.

To learn more, visit Lisa Allegra's website.

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