Since its creation in 2000, the Danish brand Bolia has championed contemporary design by collaborating with passionate designers. On the occasion of its twentieth anniversary, it invites nine personalities to share their approach to creation and their vision of the world in a series of inspiring podcasts.

Danish company Bolia celebrates creation and design in podcasts that address the future. Launched in 2020, at a time marked by the health crisis, the podcasts produced by Bolia give voice to nine personalities. These contemporary artists question themselves, explore different societal issues and attempt to determine the challenges of the “next twenty years”. They tackle different subjects such as food, work or beauty, and imagine how the world will be in 2040.

The nine episodes, available on the Bolia website, evoke different themes relating to the possibilities, hopes and dreams of tomorrow. Austrian typographer Stefan Sagmeister defines the positive effects of beauty on well-being. Aubrey de Gray, British biomedical gerontologist and scientific director of the SENS Research Foundation, studies regenerative medicine with an interest in prolonging life. Danish consultant Martin Lindstrøm draws up a typology of tomorrow's consumers and discusses behavioral changes linked to Covid-19. At the head of the New Ways of Working company, Louise Opprud is interested in the influence of artificial intelligence and automation on work and living spaces. A graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, Maja Malou Lyse talks about the future of sexuality. Canadian chef David Zilber anticipates eating habits for the next twenty years. Architect and designer James Ludwig imagines the workspaces of tomorrow. Christian Groes, anthropologist and researcher in gender studies at Roskilde University, is passionate about the relationships of the future. And Tor Nørretranders envisions the resonance scale of the next twenty years.

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To learn more and listen to podcasts, visit the Bolia site.

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