Graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 2016, Thomas Ballouhey focuses his attention on materials. Zoom on a young inspired designer.

Thomas Ballouhey is interested in materials and their infinite possibilities. In his series “Ways of Altering” (2016), he combines industrial objects - benches, stools, trestles - with various materials - cardboard, rubber bands, polystyrene - and coated everything with epoxy and sand. The result ? Strange furniture similar to vestiges saved from the waters.

More recent, his “Free Hand” collection brings together curvy aluminum shelves that act as distorting mirrors. These sculptural pieces, by altering our perception of reality, invite us to rediscover our interior.

With his experimental series, Thomas Ballouhey takes the risk of the experiment and manages to surprise us.

To learn more, visit Thomas Ballouhey website.

Visuals: © Thomas Ballouhey


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