Founded in 2020, the Swiss brand PRATIKA INTRANO offers resolutely contemporary furniture and small objects. Zoom on a young publisher who boasts a sober formal design and a return to basics.

With the creation of their brand PRATIKA INTRANO, Swiss designers Laurent de Bernardini and Stéphane Badet design refined objects combining past inspirations and contemporary lines: "Old, anonymous objects, which have evolved according to their use, inspire us enormously", explains Stéphane Badet. Thus associated with past stories, all the creations of the first collection tell stories.

The duo also made the choice to highlight material, which becomes a common thread in the creation process. Beautiful materials are indeed worked by Swiss companies and craftsmen with whom the brand collaborates to bring their creations to life. During these rich and constructive exchanges, the designers increase their research, sketches and prototypes. “Finding the right shape for an object is a slow process that takes a lot of back and forth between drawings and models, but we love it! There's a pretty inexplicable moment when everything seems to line up and then we know it's going to work, that the proportions are right ”, assures Stéphane Badet.

As beautiful as it is thoughtful, the first collection of PRATIKA INTRANO will subsequently be enriched with new creations, all designed and manufactured in Switzerland.

To learn more, visit the PRATIKA INTRANO website.

Visuals: © Nadia Gagnebin


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