Discover the work of Van Vugt Steie and Laura Lynn Jansen, young designers recently graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven.

"Dimensions" by Steie Van Vugt is an installation made up of small mirrors with various orientations that surprise and disturb our perceptions. Kaleidoscope breaking down space in a cubist way, "Dimensions" reveals contradictory realities and reveals impossible depths.

Photo credits: Rene van der Hulst

To learn more about Steie Van Vugt, it's here.

"Wastesthetics" Laura Lynn Jansen is a trash bag made of stretchable material. Hanging on a wall bracket, the bag will change shape according to its filling, revealing the contours and angles of its content. A reflection on the aesthetics of waste that prompts users to be aware of their household waste production.

Photo credits: Astrid Zuidema

To learn more about Laura Lynn Jansen, it's here.

For more Design Academy Eindhoven, it's here.

Source: Today and Tomorrow

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