Artist, designer, interior designer or artistic director? Designer Stéphanie Langard blurs borders and infuses her pieces with poetry and meaning, reinventing XNUMXst century design.

In her workshop, freshly installed in an industrial building, Stéphanie Langard receives us. On the walls, a few metal shelves where utensils, crates and pieces of wood sleep, together at a long table presenting various earthen prototypes, with a modernist purity, compose a studious and solitary atmosphere. At first glance, la Normande is one of those creators for whom the production of objects cannot be conceived without a large dose of reflection and concepts. His corpus? The hybrid work of a well-made head, a virtuoso hand and a heart that beats to the rhythm of tools, fluid lines, and draws its energy from nature, introspective writing and encounters.

At a time of happy transdisciplinarity, where art reconnects with the hand, know-how and renews design creation, the time of the sacrosanct hierarchy of genres is over. The artists are at the same time architects designing living spaces, designers of objects and visual artists keen on High Tech. They have their eye on the performing arts, while avoiding their often excessive instrumentalisation and gadgetisation by brands. The plural corpus, imbued with meaning, childhood and poetry of the designer Stéphanie Langard is a fine illustration of this.

Going to meet him is an initiatory quest. A journey during which you will have to learn to make your way through labyrinthine lands. The workshop that we discover is a secret haven of peace, as if cut off from the world, in the quiet corners of Pantin. You can find everything there. Light, first. A light that bathes in its languid rays pieces of oak wood, powdered clay, sculptures in design and works in gestation. This same light that we find in the solar joy that animates the face of Stéphanie Langard.

Stéphanie forged her soul, her art and her weapons, under the guidance of a cabinetmaker father. Bottle-fed with the essence of rare woods, her childhood in constant contact with the beautiful material gives her a meticulous and fine mastery of tools and assemblies, techniques and materials. Inhabited by an artistic passion which initially translates into drawing and painting, she then tries out new mediums during her years at the Beaux-Arts in Reims. With pragmatism in her sights, Stéphanie Langard then moved towards design by integrating in Los Angeles the prestigious Art Center College of Design, where her immersion in the Anglo-Saxon system of thought offered her a new vision of craftsmanship. .

Curious, thirsty, inveterate explorer, Stéphanie Langard advocates the meeting of ideas and the clash of cultures. Following in the footsteps of Michele De Lucci, at the Domus Academy in Milan, she developed her critical mind. Surrounded by a population more cosmopolitan than ever, it praises the fluidity of sharing, the diversity of routes and, for the very first time, sees the strength of the collective at work. Surrounded by a medley of diverse professions and specialties, she is witnessing a new form of complementarity between universes that she would like to be decompartmentalized. The stylist helping the designer. The sculptor inspired by the painter. A state of mind that will never leave her, her vision of art always leading her to this crossroads of worlds.

Among her many hats, we could say of Stéphanie Langard that she is also a poet. Striving to bring a humble and philosophical perspective on life, she affirms through her works the need to "feel". And what good is poetry, if not to enchant the world? Give it meaning? Let yourself be moved by what surrounds us? The senses are then grafted to the meaning offered by poetry. Design is joined to his poetic vision. With volumes that we "read" as a favorite field of expression, his sculptures make the abstract concepts that inhabit him palpable.

Through her art, Stéphanie Langard offers moments of magic, enchanting escapes, moments of respite. Between poetry, pragmatism and lightness, she lets herself be guided by a child's soul and mature convictions. In 3D, the artist strives to serve social interests through the aesthetic and emotional strength of a work.

Thus connected to others, their dazzling remains in his eyes the most beautiful of rewards.


Stéphanie Langard will soon present two exhibitions:

- CROWNED TREES: from September 6 to October 18, 2021, Place du Louvre, 75001 Paris.

- SOLO SHOW: from September 16 to 19, 2021, 80 rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris.


Stephanie Langard


To learn more, visit Stéphanie Langard's website.

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