Carl Hansen & Son extends its collaboration with Danish designer Rikke Frost and launches the Petal Lamp, with a simple but sculptural silhouette. Its particularity lies in its ability to create mood lighting.

With its distinctive combination of materials and the unique atmosphere it manages to create, the Petal Lamp completes the collection of classic designs and instills a touch of novelty. Here, Rikke Frost wanted the base of the object to resemble the trunk of a tree, and that its two elegant metallic reflectors represent the top, from which emanates a soft, non-dazzling light. 

Her inspiration, the designer, has also drawn from the large arches and architectural columns, and more particularly the fascinating play of light that crosses them. 

The resulting lamp creates warm mood lighting: it shines upwards and scatters the light downwards through the circularly arranged lampshades. In the simple and organic design of the Petal Lamp, Rikke Frost gave a main role to materials, without losing sight of the primary objective: the search for balance. 

To do this, she designed the base of the lamp in a visible grain wood from which emanates a natural and warm glow. It contrasts with the metal light reflectors imbued with a certain coldness mixed with softness. The materials thus subtly complement each other, while the lamp diffuses a unique, very soft light. 

Carl Hansen


To learn more, visit Carl Hansen's website.

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