There are only a few days left to discover the Pépites exhibition which is being held at the Excellsens gallery in Paris. An exhibition that presents the nine designers of tomorrow through original and unique projects.

Camillo BERNAL: by collaborating with artists of high know-how Camilo Bernal unveils an extravagant project which transforms the useful object into a sensitive object with its materials and its language. Currently, he is exploring different French artisanal methods and wonders about the place that the hens will occupy in the habitat of tomorrow through a series of furniture-objects that promote traditional know-how such as the François Pouenat workshops.

Catherine PIC: Catherine Pic wanted to work on a scented ice cube service which re-transposes the particular properties of the water intended for a restaurant. “Odelà” is a new object for tasting water, combining traditional goldsmith techniques with contemporary design. It consists of a set comprising a two-part cup, a chiseled restricted ice cube mold, a metal and glass spoon.

Marie ROLLAND: she shapes the material to show, give to live, give pleasure and thus share a smile. After having studied at the Boulle School, she founded her creative studio, a place of confluence, transdisciplinarity, sharing of know-how, innovation and above all transmission. Materials steeped in history are at the heart of his work in his workshop designed as a research laboratory. 

Justine BEETS: in a research oriented around the exploration of folds, generosity, voluptuousness and comfort, Justine Beets was inspired by the panache of the strawberry of Henri IV. Here the felt is tested and used on the edge. The material curved in the form of a loop in a continuous movement forms a welcoming volume, all compressed and held by a metal structure. 

NOSQUA: it is the association of two artists wishing to offer a new vision of glass creation: Gauthier Dietschy and Manon Fernandez who have chosen to combine their personalities to nurture a common work. Gauthier and Manon, glass-decorator and product designer, have a vast creative field to explore this material through daring processes. The duo develops lighting, walls and interior furniture. 

Victor Apruzzese: Victor Apruzzese's work focuses on steel, this metal which, depending on its heating temperature, offers a very varied color chart. Like Prometheus, with his blowtorch, Victor puts spirit into the material… This metal, which at first glance does not have great aesthetic qualities, then shows itself to be flamboyant! 

Bela Jaffrenou: “Inventory of shapes” is a set of 30 manifest objects made of ceramic and colored paper collages. This range constitutes a repertoire based on three pure geometric figures and from which all the other forms derive. It is by adding and assembling these figures that new compositions have emerged. The search for shapes and their different combinations was done here directly and without prior sketching. 

Marion SEIGNAN: proposes to reflect on the revaluation of an unprecedented agrifood material, milk casein, and to explore its technical, aesthetic and symbolic potential. By meeting French breeders and working in collaboration with chemical researchers and experts, Marion Seignan develops from milk, unfit for consumption, a multitude of fully biodegradable materials. 

Damien PELTIER: telling the story of Sidobre granite. Evoke with singularity a grainy rock. Here it is about roughness and brutality. A mechanical brutality that tears the rock from the earth. The resulting complex geometry almost naturally exacerbates the granularity of this ornamental and precious rock. 


To learn more, visit the Excellsens site.

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