A yacht signed by the Italian builder CRN in partnership with the architecture and design studio Omega Architects and the architects of Massari Design, who created all the exterior and interior spaces. The result is magical... 

The design of the custom-made boat is inspired by its interior decoration and its exterior layout. The idea: to offer aesthetic connection and continuity between these two worlds for perfect harmony. 

Described by its designers as "dynamic and sporty", this giant, 52 meters by 9 wide and with 4 decks, perfectly reflects the passion for the sea of ​​its happy owner. The latter's order book: open-air comfort and a layout that encourages conviviality.

Inside, the philosophy is the same: beauty, contemporaneity, warmth and well-being. On the drawing, this gives spaces with elegance but without unnecessary frills. Sophistication in simplicity in a way. 

Between the game of warm and natural color combinations and the nobility of materials such as marble, leather and solid wood, the bet is successful! 

The main deck houses an open, bright and elegant space, with an inviting lounge and dining area. Here, the feeling of continuity between interior and exterior is expressed through large floor-to-ceiling glazing, punctuated by mirrored surfaces that create a sublime interplay of light and perspective. Immediate immersion in a spectacular panorama. 

But the centerpiece of the yacht remains the spectacular horseshoe-shaped lounge bar which separates the dining room and its sunny terrace… 

A masterpiece of nautical art… 


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