Spring 2022 saw the birth of Aprile. A seat inspired by this season of the year, imbued with softness and finesse. Here is a tribute to the imagination and the beauty of nature, signed Matteo Modica for Sublimio.

We present you Aprile, the brand new piece signed by designer Matteo Modica.

A piece that lives up to its name. It reminds us of the rebirth that occurs when spring brings with it its flowers, its green leaves and its very special beauty. This edition, limited to 30 copies, and made by hand, evokes a very fine seat, on which we would enjoy strolling or working.

With Aprile, designer Matteo Modica wanted to bring a bit of spring lightness into our daily spaces: homes, offices, hotels, airports, shops. Aprile is thus a playful seat, which could be reminiscent of a swing, very robust and minimalist enough to fit into a sophisticated environment.

With its white and Canaletto walnut finishes, as well as its organic shape reminiscent of the curved lines of petals, Aprile offers us a beautiful ode to spring... 


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