LATOxLATO presents its new "Scenografie" collection. Innovative and architectural cachepots that offer a spectacular display of plants...

Going beyond the simple flowerpot, the design studio founded by Virginia Valentini and Francesco Breganze de Capnist has created a series of original and theatrical pieces of plant architecture offering stagings that combine the cachepot and its support in a single object. These "Scenografie", as mysterious and metaphysical as a De Chirico painting, are structured to highlight the botanical geometries of succulent plants.

A new collection for LATOxLATO imagined from the exploration of the world of succulent plants - some of which are very rare - and which allowed the discovery of varied colors and complex and fleshy shapes in order to design a real "scene" where the cactus could finally be the star of the show.

As with all its other collections, LATOxLATO draws inspiration from the rich heritage of Italian art and architecture and reinterprets it in an unexpected and contemporary style. The collection includes three pieces. Each recalls an iconic element of the artistic language of architecture then, as in metaphysical poetry, decontextualizes it in a rarefied and almost dreamlike dimension.


Visuals ©: LATOxLATO


To learn more, visitz the LATOxLATO website.


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