The agency was entrusted with the design of the experience and the creation of the architecture of this very first space in the heart of the very exclusive Mall of Oman. Objective: to create a “signature” experience and place to support the renewal of the brand. 

Héroïne, Experiences design agency founded by Rémi Le Druillenec & Quentin Obadia, announces today its collaboration with AMOUAGE. Created in the Sultanate of Oman in 1983 at the instigation of the royal family, AMOUAGE is today a major international luxury perfume house which has undergone a spectacular revival since the arrival of Renaud Salmon as creative director. 

Announced as the first expression of a series of new boutiques around the world, this place tells the mysterious poetry of an eclipse in the clarity of the Omani skies. Thus a monumental sphere 3m in diameter, split through and through with a golden leaf fault, sits enthroned in the center of this space that is part store, part art gallery. “I was immediately seduced by the idea of ​​a monolithic representation of the moon, bringing strong atmosphere, emotion and visual gravity through uncompromising brutalism” says Renaud Salmon.

The architecture, the route and the experience have been designed to make the brand resonate well beyond the confines of the Mall of Oman. Progressive and immersive, the visit plays with scales and trompe l'oeil effects, like the gigantic travertine battlements that punctuate the side of the store. These mineral colossi actually hide a succession of vertical screens taken over by digital artists, also strongly inspired by the perfumer's creations. Open a drawer, smell a perfume, the screens come alive and visually interpret the scent you are discovering. 

Likewise, this monumental moon actually conceals the tiny Attar bottles, the brand's last precious nectar. It is here without a doubt that the most singular olfactory discovery experience of this boutique can be found. Because it is done thanks to a Qalam, a feather which was once the calligraphic tool used to keep the registers of the gold trade in Oman. Plunge it delicately into the narrow neck of the bottle, and the nib takes on a drop of precious liquid that all you have to do is place it on one of your pulse points. Marco Parsiegla, CEO of Amouage declares: “Our shops are not only points of sale, but also media spaces. Our local approach to retail will lead us to adapt our concept to each city, to make each Amouage store unique and thus give good reasons to visit it.” 

The result: a place that is both poetic and impressive, halfway between a shop and an art gallery, which encourages visitors to become actors in their discoveries. A setting that allows AMOUAGE to pay homage to Omani tradition and culture, while celebrating its very unique identity. The AMOUAGE store, which opened its doors on March 31, 2022, is located at the Mall of Oman (Muscat) “We were truly captivated by the stories Renaud told us during our first meeting. And what a challenge for our young agency: a blank slate to invent an experience and a place that celebrates the richness and solemnity of oriental traditions, but that points the brand towards an ambitious and international future! »

A shop that looks like an art gallery signed Héroïne.


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