Convinced that design contributes to student learning, the Pensionnat du Saint-Nom-de-Marie (in Outremont, Quebec) continues its collaboration with Taktik design to develop two flexible classrooms in the service of a pedagogy that goes beyond of the frame.

Unlike a traditional classroom, a flexible space offers an experience suited to different learning paces and different student needs. The new layouts offer multiple configurations for learning, studying and collaborating. Whether alone at a single station or in a group around a large table, in the center of the class or in a study room, installed on stools or on a standard seat, relaxed on a sofa or in small groups in bench islands, students are spoiled for choice. Intuitive, the layouts invite them to take the place that suits them. By developing their autonomy, design contributes to the success of their learning activities.

The challenge of this evolutionary pedagogy consists in offering a certain flexibility of arrangements while maintaining an intuitive structure. The project was designed in the spirit of coworking, like an adaptable and inspiring study space. Several strategies have been put in place: the furniture around the rooms is fixed while that in the center is mobile; the design promotes convergence towards the whiteboard where the teacher can quickly illustrate his point; carpets create sub-spaces and naturally delineate areas, while improving acoustics; and the game of heights of the different tables energizes the place.

For this college for young girls, the fitted out space has an aesthetic that leaves room for roundness, nature and softness through the use of accent colors in subdued tones. The delicate flower murals, painted by hand, complete the floral theme developed in the signage for the small closed rooms. The two classes adopt a common language in terms of layout, but each has its own atmosphere.

The layout focuses on optimizing the square foot, while offering spaces that favor well-being and a collaborative spirit thanks to friendly and fun facilities. From felt acoustic panels to sturdy furniture, everything is custom designed. Some chairs, remnants of the old classroom, have also been restored.

These classroom spaces have the particularity of becoming the living room of the dormitory for foreign students in the evening. To make the residents feel at home, a residential aesthetic was favored. The use of the premises in the classroom during the day, in the entertainment room in the evening, as well as the comfortable furniture with the sofa, the carpet and the plants contribute to the appropriation of the premises by the residents who come to learn, study, eat and relax. distract. 

Pure flexibility!


Visuals ©: Maxime Brouillet


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