Drawing on the establishment's past, the Yabu Pushelberg agency breathes new life into Park Lane New York, a veritable New York institution.

The international design agency Yabu Pushelberg was entrusted with a major project to refresh an emblematic place in New York: Park Lane New York, built in the 70s. Responsible for awakening the soul of the he establishment, the agency knew how to merge into the extravagant history of the place to orient its decorative choices and redefine the spirit of the Central Park South district. 

The location of Park Lane New York, located at the intersection of 5th Avenue and Central Park South Street, makes it a privileged vantage point on the main symbols of the New York imagination. Located near several institutions of the city, including the Plaza Hotel, Carnegie Hall or the Museum of Modern Art, and enjoying a breathtaking view of Central Park, Park Lane New York is one of the most iconic places in the city. . 

Rather than giving in to the sensitivities imposed by neighboring establishments, the Yabu Pushelberg agency has chosen a more introspective look; Here she also wanted to blend into the extravagant history of Park Lane New York to reinvent the spirit of the Central Park South district. 

Yabu Pushelberg has retained the hotel's original chandeliers, sconces and other elements to bring a lasting spirit of modern luxury to the various spaces. 

By revisiting the original aspects and characteristic elements of the hotel from the angle of an assumed modernity, the agency was able to restore the project to its current icon status with an intervention placed under the sign of know-how. 

This is how Yabu Pushelberg was able to breathe new life into Park Lane New York without taking anything away from its original identity, emblem of the city that never sleeps...


Visuals ⓒ: Adrian Gaut, Alice Gao


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