Truncated chair designed by John Caswell, "Flip" invites us to reflect on the possible relationships between architecture and design. Support and contribution.

Created by John Caswell, a young designer from Bristol, this wooden "Flip" chair consists of a seat, a backrest and, as front legs, an inverted backrest. Without rear legs, this truncated chair will have to be leaned against a wall to be usable. It will also suffice to reverse its position, head up or head down, to vary the height of its seat.

Before being in touch with the architecture, the chair "Flip" remains a mere collection of wood without immediate function. Only this tensioning between movable and immovable object that will be born, abstract artifact turning into sitting.

For more information, visit the website John Caswell.

To continue this reflection on the relationship and possible tensions between design and architecture, also discover the Cristina Toledo storage concept and furniture series wall mount "Scope "of Joachim Jirou-Najou.

Source: Notcot

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