It will have taken five years for this project that we are presenting to you at the end of 2021 to emerge. At the helm, the Fritsch+Durisotti studio, which won the European call for tenders under the terms of a vast competition launched by the RATP for the renewal of its RER stations. An ambitious project that has earned them the Janus de L'Industrie label of excellence. 

The RER stations, places where thousands of Ile-de-France residents pass through every day, have a new look for some of them. This is not the first collaboration with the group for the multidisciplinary trio. For several years, the studio has been designing metro access closure systems, platform cabinets and corridor lighting. It then appeared to the RATP group that the studio could respond favorably to the new challenge launched! 

Studio Fritsch+Durisotti overcame many challenges within its "creative lab". The stated ambition was to imagine a new identity for RER stations whose design dated back to the 70s. This new identity involves the creation of a family of "components" which are set to become the future standards for stations. The Fritsch+Durisotti studio thus had to create new platform equipment, and imagine a whole new signature for these RER stations. 

But it does not stop there, because the RATP wishes through this project to pay particular attention to passengers. The idea? Improve waiting and service, facilitate traffic flow and adequately distribute all the functions necessary for their operation (screens, cameras, cartography, garbage cans). 

The purpose of this project is to design a catalog of components which, through their design and their adaptability, will be able to satisfy all layout configurations. 

This equipment also has the role of establishing overall consistency and a transverse image at all the stations despite their diversity. 


Visuals ©: RATP, Xavier Chibout


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