Icon of style and design, made in France, the Ribbon lamp by Habitat is the fruit of long research on movement and architecture. Imagined by Claire Norcross in 2005, its line can be summed up in a single sheet of steel winding up like a delicate ribbon that seems fixed for eternity. 

Multidisciplinary artist in design and plastic arts, Clémentine Chambon evolves between crafts and industry. A graduate of the Boule school in 2003 and of the ENSCI, she has collaborated with prestigious furniture and decoration editors over the years. Its approach is embodied in durable products, often colorful, expressive, joyful, sometimes impertinent, which mark the imprint of its uniqueness. Consecration for the artist, the Mobilier National acquires in 2021 for its permanent collection, his "Doll" lamp in Calais Caudry lace.

It was in 2021 that the Studio de Design Habitat and Clémentine met as part of a research project on color and paint as production tools. From there, the idea of ​​developing a common artistic project emerges. The collaboration includes around twenty pieces structured in six micro-series of patterns and five artist's proofs, all in unique colors.

Abstract patterns are achieved by "touches", the simplest action to apply a color. Imprint of the artist's gesture, capture of movement and variation of rhythm, each motif, each color testifies to a new research where the superposition of hues, sometimes pointillist, create surprising chords and optical mixtures. 

The bright and youthful shades are often consolidated from a more mature range, positioning the collection in an ambiguity, soft and lively, joyful and intense, magical and offbeat.

All proceeds from sales of the Ribbon lamps by Clémentine Chambon will be donated to La Fondation des Femmes. Habitat thus brings its support in favor of the rights of women and the fight against the violence of which they are victims.


Visuals ©: Habitat

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