What are the Design.s? A Designer? Why and how Design intervenes in Occitania in its diversity, its singularity? Some of the answers can be discovered during Les Formes du Design: the first exhibition of this magnitude in Occitanie from September 7 to 28, 2022 in the Volière du RoseLab, the FabLab at La Cité as part of France Design Week.

Labeled France Design Week, the exhibition aims to promote to all audiences (companies, communities, general public...) the transforming power of design in all its dimensions, whether systemic or experiential. She promises to experiment with design, share it and take it home…

Through the presentation of around forty works by designers, makers and students, Design Occitanie, the isdaT (higher institute of arts and design in Toulouse) and the RoseLab have decided to manufacture their first promotion of local, circular design, sustainable, innovative and vital in a readable, accessible, concrete and didactic demonstration. 


Forms of Design

From 7 to 28 September 2022

RoseLab in Toulouse

The City, 55 ave Louis Bréguet


Visuals ©: IsdaT


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of architecture in newsstands


MAGAZINE pop-up display

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