Jeunes talents : Maison&Objet Paris 2017, Rising Talent Award UK

To celebrate the Rising Talent Award UK, Maison & Objet propels this year, six emerging designers on the front of the global design scene. For this edition six of the largest middle names were each invited to select and present a new face of British design. The six selected designers will exhibit their work and share their world with professionals who visit the show from January 20 24 2017 to Paris.

Marcin Rusak
spotted by Ilse Crawford

Marcin Rusak of Polish origin has chosen to settle in London as an artist and designer. A graduate in social science and in art, the designer delivers a work that oscillates between historic exploration and reflection on consumption habits and contemporary industrial methods. For his collection Flora temporaria Rusak worked mainly from resin and flowers, evoking even reinterpreting Flemish paintings of the sixteenth century. According to the designer floral motif represents the natural looking decoration "nature itself becomes a decorative element."


To learn more, visit the site of Marcin Rusak

John Booth
spotted by Sir Paul Smith

John Booth grew up in northern England, where early on he became interested in art and in particular bonding. Passionate about illustration and reasons, he studied fashion printed at Central St Martins College of Art and Design for textile designer. Soon his work is approached by designers such as Rhodes, Galliano, Shannon, all concerned about his achievements and his eye to capture the shapes and structures. The artist touches everything, it works by following his intuition and does not limit his creativity. He transcribes his motives often primary color by bonding, alignment, embroidery on different mediums such as ceramics, textiles, paper. "What I want above all is to find a powerful visual language and me full ownership. "


To learn more, visit John Booth site

Giles Miller
spotted by Ross Lovegrove

Giles Miller is passionate about developing new upholstery. "Our world is made up of these surfaces, they should be treated as an essential element of our internal and must be given special attention, given the impact they may have on us. "His studio reappropriates called traditional coating methods such as acid etching or molding zinc but also explores new materials, techniques and finishes. If the interaction with the environment is key to its design surfaces, Miller does not lose sight of functionality.


To learn more, visit Giles Miller site

Sebastian Cox
Jay Osgerby spotted by

Sebastian Cox evolves from childhood in the middle of the craft. For British designer design and manufacturing are two complementary facets of its business. He studied furniture at Lincoln University and completed his education with a Master design. In an environmentally responsible approach, Sebastian works from abundant and obsolete materials. His method is traditional but creative approach is contemporary. He is looking for a simple and readable aesthetic that fits in a functional movement.


To learn more, visit Sebastian Cox site

Studio Swine
spotted by Nigel Coates

The Japanese architect Azusa Murakami and Alexander Groves British artist form the Studio Swine. They are both passionate about the materials and the many opportunities they offer us. Both designers concerned by the depletion of natural resources, transform waste materials into unique pieces with impeccable design. This sustainable approach adopted by Studio Swine is also reflected in their artistic and cinematographic creations, where they question the themes of regional identity and the future of resources in the context of globalization. They represent the future of a new eco-friendly design.


To learn more, visit Site Studio Swine

Zuza Mengham
spotted by Tom Dixon

Refusing the artist or designer label, Zuza Mengham rather be characterized by his interest in the interaction between space and sculptural creations. sculpture graduate of the Wimbledon College of Art, the designer forge his abstract-modernist style through his work on steel. She is constantly testing new materials for these sculptural objects, always looking to explore new reports, techniques and inspirations.


To learn more, visit the site Zuza Mengham


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