Jeunes talents : Révélations, Prix de la Jeune Création Métiers d'Art 2016-2017

The Prize for Young Creation Craft Art, established by Ateliers d'Art de France, is an award that aims to propel designers under 35 years on the front of the stage. For this edition, five winners presented their work during the Revelations lounge. Portrait of the creators become monitor.


Camille and Paul Bellot Bouteiller

Both passionate about the fashion world - she graduated from Duperré school specializing in fashion and the environment; him to the School of Design of the City of Paris in visual communication, fashion and design - Camille and Paul decided to join forces in order to "give birth charts figures in space." From this desire was born their mysterious animal, a kind of canine with sharp teeth, made of wood and paper. Their creation is a hybrid between costume, masks, totem, building set, mask or sculpture, it is located at the crossroads of many influences. Their collaboration has already been identified to adorn the great names in the world of luxury shops, like John Galliano or Royal Quartz.


Marine Dominiczak

Marine's job is based on "the body's relationship with its environment and its perception in society." After a design education, she specializes in jewelery and incorporates the workshop jewel of the High School of Arts of the Rhine from Strasbourg until 2013. Noticed through one of its early work My chocks (2013) series of rollers cast aluminum inspired of body impressions, since it continues to explore the relationship between the object and the body. In this embodiment, the material must indeed be kept by the person, voluntarily placing her in a situation of immobility. Here, the subject forced her. Today in Residence in Seoul (Korea), the designer continues to develop its approach, including addressing the topic of cosmetic surgery or excessive use of the mirror.


Yiyan Zhou

After a design education in Normal University of Shanghai (China) and then a job as graphic designer for four years, the artist from eastern China begins a new life in Paris, 2007, where she began a course photography and fashion design at Studio Berçot. Charmed by the softness of porcelain, she joined the Manufacture de Sèvres. Resulting White White & Bai jewelry collection / sculptures whose finesse was awarded the Grand Prize of creation of the City of Paris. Yiyan organizes her jewelry around the figure of the circle, symbol of perfection and is pervasive in Chinese culture. Its shaping porcelain was also exhibited at the Milan Design Week from 2015 and during the event "jewelry, porcelain art" on Minimasterpiece Gallery in Paris in 2016.


Maxime Leroy

With the pen as a matter of choice, Maximus achieves sculptural and graphic works on any media, exploiting the full potential with great dexterity. After more than ten years of control of this unusual material, the designer founded his brand, M. Marceau in 2013, and working with large houses like Chanel, Givenchy, Jean Paul Gauthier and Louis Vuitton. In parallel, he also teaches high school Plumasserie Octave Feuillet, unique facility dedicated to learning this rare expertise.


Marie Masson

This young designer trained at the National School of Art and Limoge at Central St Martin's School in London in Ceramics Department, Jewelery and Furniture redefines male and female adornment. With its sculptural jewelry, it sublime body. Mary exercises from animal and human material and shapes unusual objects, such as horse hair ties, pin feathers or even decorated with hair care items. It now operates as an independent artist and presents his achievements in numerous French and foreign events.


Portraits (left to right):
1) Camille and Paul Bellot Bouteillier
2) DR Marine Dominiczak
3) Yiyan Zhou
4) Julien Cresp
5) Julien Cresp

1) Julien Cresp

2) Julien Cresp
3) Julien Cresp
4) Workshop M.Marceau
5) Julien Cresp

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