Jeunes talents : Festival des architectures vives 2017

This year, the Festival des Architectures Vives in Montpellier (34) presented twelve art installations and a pavilion created by the local studio ØNA Architecture. With its 16 000 visitors, the event combining architecture and vernacular heritage allows the general public to discover the works of young promising artists. Return on this event, whose achievements approach in a poetic way the theme of emotions.


Pavilion of FAV 2017: Emotion Vertical, ØNA Architecture

Starting point for the festival, the reception and information pavilion is essential for the smooth running of the event. Placed at the heart of the course of the CCI of Montpellier, right in downtown, it also presents a retrospective of the most important works of the FAV. It is also here that the public meets to elect the best installation of the festival.
This year, this heavy task has been entrusted to the Montpelliérains of the ØNA Architecture agency Emotion Vertical, A structure composed of a multitude of white steel poles of various heights, reminiscent of the famous Buren columns. Through this book, the designers wanted to reinterpret the stone pilasters of the CCI dating from 1704.


Prize of the Jury: Paper Cloud, Studio 3A
The Studio 3A is the fruit of the heterogeneous encounter of three countries opposite each other: Japan, Germany and Mexico. This diversity is reflected in his work, which aims to understand the different contexts and cultures in which they are inscribed. With Paper Cloud, The collective imagines an unfinished cubic structure of immaculate paper, composed of superposed and embedded tubular elements. Leaving the daylight to filter, the nebula contrasts with the stone site on which it is placed: static and massive. When the visitor enters the work, the light diminishes and leaves him pensive, alone with himself.


Audience Award: Immersion, Lucia Martinez Pluchino, Raquel Duran Puente

For this project, the Bordeaux duo wished to push the limits of immersion to the maximum by filling the court with red balloons. A simple but emotional process: colorful balloons, symbols of childhood that give a certain sense of nostalgia, filter light and diffuse their carmine color in the manner of spotlights. The place of passage in which this realization takes place obstructs the usual course of the visitor but allows him to give free rein to his imagination: it can as well agitate and hit the balls to pass, or have fun and fall back into childhood .


Special mention : La Madeleine, Atelier Micromega

Micromega, a Lyonnais collective composed of five young graduates in architecture, designs creative, playful and committed works. This freshness is reflected in La Madeleine, Whose name is not unlike Proust's madeleine and therefore, the relationship to childhood. This evolutive work is materialized by large colored building blocks that the passer-by is invited to nest in one another according to his desires to create his cabin, as when he was small.


Through, Concentrico 03

Conducted by the Spanish collective Concentrico 03, this work is established in the heart of the courtyard of a mansion in Montpellier isolating the work of the effervescence of the city. The presence of a central well inspires the studio Through, A wooden labyrinth structure with curved walls. Several paths lead to the cavity, vestige of another time and allow the spectator to take the time to stroll to apprehend differently the history of the place.



Different cultures - the first is Scottish, the next is Spanish and Australian, and the last is Franco-Belgian - the three ENSAM graduate architects are brought together by the same creative sensitivity under the ODD banner. Placed in the courtyard of the Hotel de Griffy, AAA Intrigues by its form and its color. When the walker walks in the yard, he finds himself confronted with a large black wall including an entrance that leads into a sinuous and dark corridor, little reassuring. The name of the work comes from the different emotional stages through which it makes the viewer pass: anticipation, apprehension and anguish.


Eldorado, Collective Why not ?!

For this structure, the Lyons collective Why Pas ?! Is inspired by the myths, epics and treasure hunts present in the collective imagination like the quest of Perceval or that of Sir Walter Raleigh in Guyana. On the basis of narrative schemas,Eldorado Translate architecturally the different emotional phases through which the protagonist passes: doubt, resignation, joy - when the quest ends - through a vertical work made of steel rods placed on a copper base decorated with Nuts that the viewer is invited to slide on the chopsticks. The work is accompanied by a hypnotic sound device, immersing the visitor in a unique, almost mystical atmosphere.


Wild, Lilit Sarkisian

With this project, the Russian architect from the Parisian group Silteplait, Lilit Sarkisian, makes the imagination of the spectators play, leaving them the free choice to interpret the translucent pink plastic forms softened by a thermo-formation that compose Wild. Surmounted by a diffuser of perfumed mist, the assembly deforms the space in which it is positioned. If one raises the head, the architecture appears distorted when viewed through the transparent elements while, if one looks down, colored shadows dance to the ground. All the senses are put to the test and the loiterer finds himself caught up in an unreal universe, as in a dream.


I Love Montpellier, PistachOffice

The work imagined by the Dutch collective PistachOffice is based on a single emotion, a single feeling: love. For this reason, he decided to make Montpellier, the time of the event, the capital of passion, tenderness, exchange, desire ... I Love Montpellier Is a carmine circular bench whose ergonomics is inspired by the positions of the kiss, the seduction or the treason. The empty part that forms its shape is filled with balloons in the shape of a red heart, both kitch and universal symbol of that feeling governing our lives.


Falling in the sky, School of Architecture of San Sebastian (Spain)

Falling in the sky Is an ensemble imagined by the students of 5e year of the School of Architecture of San Sebastian, questioning the limits of the private space through the sensation of vertigo. To access the courtyard of the Hotel des Trésoriers de la Bourse where the composition is positioned, the visitor must go through a red door placed in a wooden structure. Once passed this threshold, he finds himself on the point of falling ... in the sky. Indeed, on the ground, a mosaic of square mirrors reflects and deforms the skies, like a breach plunging us into a parallel universe. These reflective elements also magnify, by optical play, the narrow space of the patio, thus accentuating the empty aspect of the plot.


Special Reports, Common Collective

The theme of emotion evokes in the Common Collective childhood and nostalgia, which he retraces through an immaculate curved structure through which, through small holes, the viewer can observe elements of his youth. These internal volumes are three-dimensional interpretations of childish drawings, which we all performed one day when the other. By concealing them within the massive structure, the designers push the visitor to bend down, take the size he had when he was little and finally take a step back from the toddler he once was.


The Curtain, Maria Anton Barco, Maria Salan and Maria Ramos

Imagined by Maria Salan and Maria Ramos, talented members of the Interior Design program at ESNE Madrid, and by the director of this platform, Maria Anton Barco, The Curtain Is a curtain positioned at the entrance of a courtyard, blurring the boundaries between real and artificial landscape. This cascade of autumn leaves cut in Plexiglas reveals the different shades of the day, producing shadows more than likely on the ground, like a bucolic site. Placed in the middle of a perennial architectural achievement, it brings a bit of nature into a mineral space and gives walkers a sense of calm and satisfaction brought by a picturesque setting in the middle of autumn.


TR-24, Ben-Dao

The route ends with a sober and minimalist layout, composed only of turnstiles with opaque doors. Here, nothing is imposed: the loiterer moves as he pleases. For TR-24, The Parisian collective Ben-Dao questions the very nature of a courtyard, that is to say, a place of passage, and pushes this function to its climax. The repetition of this simple circular module allows the passenger to realize the path he is making and to take a certain distance from the path he usually goes through without realizing it.

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Photographs: Photo Architecture

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