Jeunes talents : Birgit Severin et Guillaume Neu-Rinaudo

Formed by the Franco-German duo Guillaume Neu-Rinaudo and Birgit Severin, Studio B. Severin defends a conceptual approach to design that commands admiration. No frills or superfluous effects in their aesthetic creations that confront life. Zoom on the meeting of two passionate designers.

Birgit Severin creates her own eponymous studio before joining 2015 with the young French talent Guillaume Neu-Rinaudo whom she meets on the benches of the university. Holder of a master's degree in cognitive neuroscience from the University of Maastricht (Netherlands) and a degree in contextual design from the Design Academy Eindhoven (Netherlands), Birgit Severin develops a personal practice of design based on the study of materials and the process of creation. For his part, Guillaume Neu-Rinaudo trained in product design at the Nantes School of Design (44), then in design at the Design Academy Eindhoven, before moving to Berlin to join Studio B. Severin.

Under the leadership of this creative tandem, Studio B. Severin explores the multiple facets of a conceptual design through creations that establish relevant links between the object and the human being and the craft and production to the time of new technologies.
Always based on a story, an experience or a research, their works address the way objects are charged with meaning through personal narratives. Among their most emblematic works, we notice the series of vases Vanitas which is inspired by the ephemeral cycle of flowers. Developed alongside the Berlin florist Marsano, these rubber objects symbolize the emptiness of passions and contingency in the image of vanities of the seventeenth century.

According to a similar artistic approach, the series Impressionism Design - a coffee table and a mirror - results from a reflection on the interrelations between techniques and creation. These sensory productions inspired by the iconic Impression, rising sun play with our perception. When he returns to the genesis of the concept, Guillaume Neu-Rinaudo reveals the legend that halo the canvas. "It is said that Monet painted this masterpiece from the window of his hotel room in Le Havre. However, the windows of the time - cathedral glass - had a rough surface and a certain opacity. To look at the world through cathedral glass is to obtain the ideal filter for an impressionist painting. Produced in collaboration with glazier craftsmen, the series brings together art, craftsmanship and design, promoting an open-plan approach to creation.

Original pieces that appeal to institutions at the national and international levels: here is a description that sticks to the skin of the duo! The creations of the studio have been exhibited on every continent in biennales and prestigious fairs, such as the Design Festival of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Design Weekend of Sao Paulo (Brazil) in 2013, the Salone del Mobile in Milan (Italy) in 2014, or the Maison et Objets in Paris in 2018. Following their residency at Villa Kamogawa in Japan, they also participated in Kyoto Design Week in 2019. A record that we are sure, is not ready to falter!

On all fronts, Guillaume Neu-Rinaudo and Birgit Severin also give lectures and lead workshops. A way to convey to everyone their conception of an uninhibited design.

A couple of designers to follow very closely!

To learn more, visit the website of Studio B. Severin

Photographs: 1) Portrait: Janine Gebran
2) Parts: DR

Léa Pagnier