The Incubator brings together a variety of design actors, gathered as a binomial designer / manufacturer or designer / publisher Around a common project. The aim is to foster collaboration between creators and French furniture companies. From these associations were born two exhibitions visible until the 25 August at Galerie VIA: one presenting the work of this first edition and a second showing their development processes.

Belt Clock, Margaux Lafond and YMER & MALTA
This creation, composed of two discs and a belt, is the result of the meeting between Margaux Lafond, designer at ASH in New York and YMER & MALTA, a hybrid company that is both an art gallery and manufacturer of limited edition pieces. The operation of this project is simple: the large circle, designed in granite, rotates in one hour and signifies the minutes. Its movement drives the belt which, in turn, drives the smaller circle. Pure object of elegance, The Belt Clock Also reveals its mechanism and its technical aspect.

Cast Collection, Désormeaux / Carrette Studio and La Manufacture du Design
A range of modular seating is born from the collaboration of Studio Désormeaux / Carrette with La Manufacture du Design, Parisian furniture publishing house. The duo's strong taste for bold and poetic accomplishments prompts them to Cast Collection, Which combines elegance and tailor-made play. Resting on a projecting base system made of cast aluminum, the elements of the series are made in pastel colors, in the manner of delicate origamis.

Orga / nize, Atelier Yade and Manade
The office automation elements present in this collection are the fruit of the imagination of the creators of Yade, Marina Declarey and Solange Yates - whose name of the studio was born from the fusion of their two names, but also from the acronym that defines their projects: Your Architecture & Design Enthusiasts -, and the manufacturer Manade, specializing in the design of workspaces. With Orga / nize, The two elements of the duo combine their know-how to create a range of accessories combining felt and steel, the favorite material of Manade.

Aurasens armchair, Aurasens and Sellerie du Pilat
Founded by Olivier Zeller and Nicolas Leroy, designers, the seat Aurasens Allows you to add tactile sensations to an auditory experience. The eponymous brand and the Pilat upholstery, respectively manufacturer of seats and craftsman upholsterer-decorator specialized in tailor-made, realize Aurasens armchair, a meridian equipped with thirty vibrating sensors that activate to the rhythm of music, combining So listening to the massage for a completely immersive experience.

Industrial design kitchen, Marion Brun and Cuisines Morel
This project combines reflection on the new uses of domestic products by designer Marion Brun and the know-how of Cuisines Morel, manufacturer since 1932. The concept includes various metal modules, made in an industrial style, allowing its users to enjoy a great deal of freedom in the design of their kitchen.

pleated, Alix Videlier and STAMP Edition
The collaboration between the designer of the object of Strasbourg and the renowned publisher STAMP gives rise to a product that is both aesthetic and comfortable. With its metallic curves welded to a tubular structure that adapts to the body of its owner, the chair is inspired by the reliefs of the Alps.

Hotel room furniture, Agence Anaïs Gauthier and Futura Editions
By realizing this model of hotel room, the binomial composed of Anaïs Gauthier - specializing in customer experience design, sensorial design and interior architecture - and the French furniture manufacturer Futura Edition, Questions the use of hotel room elements made by guests. The project focuses on the headboard that becomes modular and connected.

Sofa Fan, Salomé Bourny and Burov
Laureate of the 9 competition prize Cinna competition, designer Salomé Bourny joins forces with Burov, a French manufacturer of high-end sofas and armchairs for the creation of Sofa Fan, A sofa that combines in its design both linearity and curves whose coating is also made from Burov fabrics.

Premonition, Bina Baitel Studio and Le Lit National
Premonition Is a triptych of the famous National Bed Company realized in collaboration with the designer Bina Baitel, twice winner of the Aid to Creation VIA - in 2008 and in 2015. With these particular forms, the range adapts to the new uses of the bed with a colorful and contemporary design.

Exhibition “The VIA DESIGN Incubator” until August 25 at the VIA Gallery, Paris (11th)

Photographs: DR VIA

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