PAD London is back in 2019 for its thirteenth edition. After the London Design Festival and the London Design Fair in September, this show is the third design meeting of the rented in London. On the program: a very nice selection of antiques, exceptional objects, works of art, modern and contemporary design pieces.

From September 30 to 06 October, the London Arts and Design Pavilion will be held at Berkely Square in the upscale Mayfair district. Over sixty-eight exhibitors, including the illustrious Fumi, Kreo and Nilufar design galleries, will represent fourteen countries and unveil their finest pieces to captivate an audience of curious visitors and collectors.

This year, PAD London honors authenticity, craftsmanship and creativity. The pavilion gives carte blanche New York studio Todd Merrill. The latter creates for the occasion an immersive decor including Marc Fish pieces, a textured metal box by Jean-Luc Le Mounier and a composition designed by the young designer Brecht Wright Gander.
For its third participation in the PAD, the Parisian gallery Movements Modernes offers a collector's desk on the walls covered with wallpaper François Mascarello. The fantastic Rodeo furniture by duo Garouste and Bonetti rubs shoulders with the most remarkable pieces of his collection, from works by artist Daniela Busarello to sculptural work by Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert.

The 88 Gallery presents key design pieces such as an armchair by Joseph André Motte edited by Artifort.
The young Parisian gallery Wa Design, which represents Japanese and French designers of the epure, brings together Japanese arts, Western modernism and contemporary creation. Notable works include productions of the British Harry Morgan, 2019 special mention of the prestigious Loewe Craft Prize, and the famous Ubunji Kidokoro bamboo armchair.

A must-attend event!

To learn more, visit the PAD London website

Photographs: 1) Courtesy of Side Gallery
2) Jean Luc Le Mounier, Courtesy of Todd Merrill
3) Courtesy of Todd Merrill
4) Courtesy of WA Design
5) Garoute & Bonetti, Cabinet de Sèvres, 1989, Courtesy of Mouvements Modernes
6) Ubunji Kidokoro Chair, Courtesy of WA Design
7) Ane Lykke Light Object, Courtesy of Maria Wettergen

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