Let it be said: autumn in Paris will be synonymous with design! After the traditional Maison & Objet and Paris Design Week, the program continues in the cultural institutions of the capital. From the Louis Vuitton Foundation to the Museum of Modern Art, via the Pavillon de l'Arsenal, Muuuz is offering you this week an overview of the must-see design events of the month.

Utopia at the Tornabuoni Art gallery until December 21, 2019

Joined in a cycle of collective exhibitions dedicated to the Italian creation of the 1950 years at 1980, Tornabuoni Art explores, through the "Utopia" event, the relationships between the great names of Italian art and design. With close to forty pieces, the hanging makes dialogue between works of art and design pieces of the same period to reveal the bold spirit of a generation of creators transalpine. Scholarly collector, Charles Zana signs an ambitious scenography that turns the gallery into a series of intimate salons in which masterpieces and exceptional furniture meet. The exhibition "Utopia" thus establishes relevant links between art and design through attractive tandems such as Gino Sarfatti and Paolo Scheggi, Carlo Scarpa and Dadamaino or Enrico Castellani and Nanda Vigo.


Modern Maharajah at MAD until 12 January 2020

Until January 12, the MAD - former museum of decorative arts - pays tribute to the most dandy of the Maharajah: Yeshwant Rao Holkar II. A lover of European modernity, this esthete from Indore is behind the construction of the Manik Bagh Palace, the region's first modernist building. Resolutely anchored in modernity, the Manik Bagh Palace introduces many innovative materials in its layout, such as metal, imitation leather and colored glass. On the furniture side, the crème de la crème of designers of the time populates the many rooms of the house. We find for example the Transat from Eileen Gray, the beds made of metal and glass Louis Sognot and Charlotte Alix or the chaise longue Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand (whose image illustrates our file) as well as the huge colored carpets of Ivan Da Silva Bruhns. An anthology of seating, tables or tapestries presented under the nave of MAD until January 12.


The new world of Charlotte Perriand at the Louis Vuitton Foundation until 24 February 2020

Disappeared twenty years ago, the designer and architect Charlotte Perriand is today the subject of a major retrospective at the Louis Vuitton Foundation. Long remained in the shadow of her male colleagues, Le Corbusier at the head of the line, today she takes back the place that is due to her in an exhibition combining architecture, design and art. Many masterpieces of painting and sculpture contextualize and highlight Charlotte Perriand's furniture. Thus, we discover with admiration the Guernica by Picasso, various mobiles by Calder, tapestries by Le Corbusier or even very large formats by Fernand Léger.


Cuban posters. Revolution and cinema. to MAD until 2 February 2020

Who said that the poster was a minor art? Surely not the Museum of Decorative Arts (1er arrondissement) which highlights the magnitude of a graphic school long remained unknown. Until the 2 February, the exhibition presents indeed close to 300 posters of which most inescapable of the history of Cuba. Whether cultural, political or advertising, the poster is a communication object with a strong artistic dimension. This graphic work, visual and textual, aims to seduce the viewer with a striking slogan and a worked design. In Cuba, the medium is actively developing. While some graphic designers feed on the revolutionary effervescence, others value the seventh art to saturate the population with propaganda images. An attractive visual object placed on the walls of cities, the poster becomes a resolutely political instrument.


Public Workshop fold at the 28 Arsenal Pavilion November 2019 at 5 January 2020

Since 2015, the association Pli - founded by Christopher Dessus, Marion Claret and Adrien Rapin - promotes architectural research through a collaborative journal published every year. Next step in the democratization of the discipline, the event Pli Public Workshop, co-produced by Pli, Paf atelier and Pavillon de l'Arsenal, actively supports the new generation of architects, artists and designers, students and recent graduates. The program of assistance to the creation of the PPW makes it possible for the candidates to produce a project while benefiting from a professional follow-up until the realization of the collective exhibition. Curious, engaged and multidisciplinary, this new generation of creators force admiration.


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