If the link between the Flemish painter Van Eyck and contemporary design does not seem obvious at first glance, the Design Museum of Gent tries the experiment to bring together the unique use of color made by the artist of the 100th century and the meaning of these colors for the big names in design. Culottes, the exhibition brings together some XNUMX exceptional pieces through a pigmentary journey that leaves us speechless!

Considered the inventor of oil painting, Jan van Eyck (1390 - 1441) quickly became a reference for his particular use of color. His famous painting The Mystic Lamb, dating from 1426, is also a compulsory passage for all art historians, especially for its bright colors and striking realism. It is therefore difficult to link this master of the Flemish Renaissance to the usual programming of the Design Museum in Gent (Belgium). And yet, for its post-epidemic reopening, the museum decided to associate one of the great Belgian names in painting with the creators of our time. An original choice that gives rise to an exhibition that will leave a lasting impression.

It is indeed from this famous altarpiece that the exhibition is organized. Through 13 important details of Van Eyck's work, each highlighting a particular color, the curator Siegrid Demyttenaere - founder of DAMN Magazine - offers a selection of pieces grouped by color but also echoing the symbolism of the painting by the Flemish master . The spectator is thus invited to circulate among the works of Sabine Marcelis, Marcin Rusak, Hanna Aagaard or Théophile Blandet, to name but a few. A prestigious catalog completed by eleven "Experience Rooms", rooms in which designers have worked on the theme "color and meaning" and where the spectator can taste, see or even touch the different shades. Finally, a third part entitled "Research Projects" invites us to discover the route taken by the designers of the exhibition for the assembly of their project, from reflection to implementation.

Unique point of view and complete programming, such is the promise made by the Design Museum of Gent.

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Photographs: DR

Zoe Térouinard

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