07.12.18 Claire Fatosme, Christian Lefèvre and Teresa Sapey: Nhow Hotel Marseille

The mythical luxury hotel of Marseille, the Palm Beach, located on the beaches of the Prado, offers a second youth thanks to Marseille architects Claire Fatosme and Christian Lefèvre and the Italian architect Teresa Sapey. Now under the banner of the brand Nhow Hotel - already present in Milan, Berlin or Rotterdam - the establishment offers a heterogeneous background, condensed current aesthetic aspirations: street art, experimental art, new technologies. What a trip to travel ...

06.12.18 10 Studio: The Maze

Sleeping in a labyrinth of Daedalus ... Located in Pingle County, China, The Other Place Hotel, newly designed by Chinese architects Studio 10, offers rooms with a strong and varied aesthetic, including The Maze, a continued on the theme of the dream teeming with impossible stairs.

05.12.18 Benoit Rotteleur: Paris-Shanghai

Renovated by the architect Benoit Rotteleur, this apartment located in the 15e arrondissement of Paris, draws more than ever from its location, the 10e floor of the Tower Perspective I built in 1973 on the plans of Michel Proux and Henri Pottier. Today baptized Paris-Shanghai, the property has been optimized to enhance the view of the Capital, winning the passage a room and more. Back on a surgical operation and balanced.

03.12.18 Virginie Friedmann: Bistrot Rougemont

Interior designer, Virginie Friedmann surprises with the decoration of the Bistrot Rougemont composed on the theme of the garden, and for which the designer has worked on a nuance of greens. It is in the 9ème arrondissement of Paris that it delivers this renovation of an old Parigote brewery transformed into a restaurant, taking the codes of the authentic bistro à la française but revisited in its own way.

30.11.18 ARBA-: Between the walls

Between the walls ... Quèsaco? The sequel to the film directed by Laurent Cantet and awarded at the Cannes Film Festival in 2008? What nenni! This is a house designed by ARBA- en 2017 architecture agency in the town of Thomery. A realization a little special, because implanted on a ground delimited - and cut - by walls of vines with which the designers had to compose ...

28.11.18 ITAK Architects: Hotel Les Deux Girafes

Last July, a brand new hotel opened in the 11e district of Paris. Called The Two Giraffes, the establishment already counts among the chic and sure addresses of the Capital. A temple of good taste renovated by the agency ITAK Architects who has already had the opportunity to welcome Gnarls Barkley between its walls. Just that...

23.11.18 BAL: Le Splendid Hotel

Located on the banks of the River Adour, Hotel Splendid is an icon of the city of Dax. An emblem of the Art Deco style that was recently offered a spa and a seminar center by the Bordeaux architecture firm BAL. Ready for a trip to the time of the roaring years?

23.11.18 Studiokokumi: Renovation and development of a studio

The art of modifying only the essential. Thus could be summarized the work of Studiokokumi, which book last January the restructuring of a small Parisian apartment of 25 square meters in the 4e district of Paris. The principle ? Intervene only half of the surface to optimize the entire property.

20.11.18 Thomas Architects: House and cellar

For Reims agency Thomas Architects, 2017 is an excellent vintage. It is in this year that it presents indeed a project as sweet as sparkling: the construction of a house and a cellar, balanced mixture of wood and zinc, in Gueux (small town located in the west of the City of Kings) in the middle of a Champagne vineyard.

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