Fit the attic to nibble some precious square meters and more, a breeze? Maybe, unless they are occupied by the beams of an industrial framework ... So, it's a different story. A difficulty that met Margot Le Duff and Matthieu Girard of the agency MNM architects with this renovation realized in 2017 in Rennes.

A legendary luxury hotel in Marseille, the Palm Beach, located on the Prado beaches, is enjoying a new lease of life thanks to Marseille architects Claire Fatosme and Christian Lefèvre and Italian architect Teresa Sapey. Now under the banner of the Nhow Hotel brand - already present in Milan, Berlin and Rotterdam - the establishment offers a setting with heterogeneous influences, condensed from current aesthetic aspirations: street art, experimental art, new technologies. Enough to experience a journey within the journey ...

Sleeping in a maze of Daedalus ... Located in Pingle County, China, The Other Place, recently designed by Chinese architects Studio 10, offers rooms with strong and varied aesthetics, including The Maze, a suite on the theme of the dream swarming with impossible stairs.

Renovated by architect Benoit Rotteleur, this apartment located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, takes advantage more than ever of its location, on the 10th floor of the Perspective I Tower erected in 1973 on plans by Michel Proux and Henri Pottier. Now called Paris-Shanghai, the property has been optimized to enhance the view of the Capital, gaining an additional room in the process. Return on a surgical and balanced operation.

The duo Friedmann & Versace amazes with the decoration of the Bistrot Rougemont composed on the theme of the garden, and for which the designer has worked on a shade of green. It is in the 9th arrondissement of Paris that she delivers this renovation of an old Parigote brasserie transformed into a restaurant, taking up the codes of the authentic French bistro but revisited in its own way.

Located on the banks of the Adour river, the Splendid hotel is an icon of the city of Dax. An emblem of the Art Deco style which was recently offered a spa and a seminar center by the Bordeaux architecture agency BAL. Ready for a trip to the roaring twenties?

The art of modifying only the essential. This could be the summary of the work of Studiokokumi, which delivered last January the restructuring of a small Parisian apartment of 25 square meters in the 4th arrondissement of Paris. The principle ? Only work on half of the surface to optimize the entire property.

The real difficulty for an architect responsible for modifying a single part or two without intervening on the whole of an achievement does not lie so much in the fact of meeting the specifications as in the need to propose a subtle solution, optimizing the existing without ostentation. A challenge perfectly met by Sophie Lallias, who delivered in 2016 in Clermont-Ferrand a kitchen open to the dining room, discreetly ...

Last October, Studio Briand & Berthereau delivered the rehabilitation of a room located in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, which once housed a clothing store. An intervention whose stakes went far beyond the architectural question, since the place now serves as a setting for an endangered species: an independent bookstore.

New address to be tested urgently, Cin Cin recently opened its doors on the Grands Boulevards (9th). Here, the owner offers Italian dishes cooked with care, in a room renovated by interior designer Michael Malapert. A rendering reminiscent of a New York cantinetta from the Little Italy neighborhoods, a blend of 1970s American aesthetics in the colors of the Italian Riviera and the Dolce Vita. A multicultural meal to which the designer has not failed to add his Parisian touch.
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