Thinking interior design in an eco-responsible way: this is the credo of the David Dalidec Agency. Because thinking about the building today means thinking about what will be bequeathed to future generations, the future of interior design must be part of an innovative future project that puts living things back at the center of concerns.

Shandu is a booming Chinese city located near the city of Shenzhen, in the south of the country. It is here that the complex of four villas redesigned by FMG Shapes with high-end materials has been installed. A project masterfully managed by the company from Italy…

The new address is signed by the OREKA Architecture agency. At its head, David Granata known for his complete artistic achievements, in particular, the Salama restaurant and the Ocoa beach in St Tropez. This time, it is in Megève that his talent is revealed... 

It has become a must in interior design. She is this canopy that allows you to partition while letting the light circulate. She knows how to take new, more original forms. This is what the architect DESA, Camille Hermand proves to us with his achievements... 
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