In the eighteenth arrondissement of Paris, architect Paul Coudamy rehabilitates this little apartment of 28 square meters. Inspired by the aesthetics of travel and caravans, there incorporates a bespoke furniture for

clear the space by offering a maximum of storage.

Apartment on Mycaravan Paul Coudamy states:

"Because the customer wants to settle down but keep in mind the journey, the studio has been designed as a caravan where space is exploited to the full to enjoy maximum space. A mobile custom furniture system allows to reach a maximum free area in the center of the apartment. an interior punctuated by three windows that create a continuity between the private area and the area. the furniture is part of a concept of movement and adaptability to different activities the occupants. the bed and the kitchen are the two poles of the main space, one side an elevated block that created an entry, the other a wooden strip that features a large work surface. Mounted on castors, furniture move to individual desires and needs the central space is ground in various activities of daily life. a friendly place for a coffee, a giant sofa with cushions to watch a movie on the projector, a dinner around a private dining table, a bed for guests ... the occupants appropriate the space to suit their moods. All the furniture fit together under the raised bed home: a wardrobe, storage space, table, chairs and a bench 6, a large and a small dresser. The raw concrete floor on which the wooden furniture with various species make this a minimalist style in which is inserted organic forms. The intimate space of the bathroom is hidden behind walls with rounded and irregular shapes made of polyester resin, the red cave creates a mysterious shape penetrated by the kitchen block. The square furniture is balanced by the sensual forms of general lighting. Of light drops blown glass hanging from the ceiling, these bright cocoons with irregular shapes provide a diffuse light that varies depending on the activities. "

Photos: Benjamin Boccas

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