Devised by students from ENSCI edited by Jean-François Dingjian, "Kitchen Landscape" is a prototype compact kitchen, smart and flexible designed for smaller living spaces.





Adapted to contemporary and urban housing space often reduced, this compact kitchen is perfectly in tune with the times and allows users to have everything needed to prepare the meal at hand.




His scenes work plan to reveal the sink, cooking elements and various closets and storage.




Outside of meal times, its recessed surface closes and elements disappear. The kitchen turns into a blind and abstract block, waiting monolith serving table or extra counter.




The "Kitchen Landscape" was presented last month at the Paris Fair, as part of the "boiling Kitchen" exhibition organized by VIA, UNIFA and technological institute FCBA.


















For more on the fitted kitchens for small spaces, also see our article "Compact kitchen". And for more information about the kitchens of tomorrow, see our article "Ecological cooking according to Philips".








sources: Trendir et ENSCI

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