The Polish agency Mode: lina has just moved into its new offices within CoOffice, a former printing house transformed into a workspace. Furnished by Pawe? Garus, Jerzy Wo? Niak, Kinga Kin and Martyna Maciaszek, the room is divided into an alcove workspace promoting concentration and a more open meeting and sharing space.

On this project, the agency mode: lina says:

"Our designers need Both open space for the attached meeting and discussions, as well as smaller, separate areas for focusing on individual work Thanks to the broad amount of room, all workstations are enclosed in a wooden box concealing a mezzanine. - Six desks, integrated lighting, storage and cabling. This way, out of 25 m2, we created 35 m2 of pure creativity and exchange of ideas. "

photographs: Marcin Ratajczak

For more information, visit the website Mode: lina.

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