This young Parisian architecture firm composed of Marion and Emmanuel Dumazer Lafallisse completed the interior design of this optical shop located in 27-29 rue Yves Toudic in the tenth arrondissement of Paris.

In this ancient art gallery, the walls are dressed with furniture and niche light wood, sculpting space, inviting the course.

On this project, Marion and Emmanuel Dumazer Lafallisse specify:

"The place is an old art gallery. The architectural concept aims to decline the primary vocation of the place by adapting to the sale of glasses. They become works to expose, to stage. We designed a light wood furniture that unfolds to generate exhibition spaces and create a special stage design. This staging allows to organize the flow, generate curiosity by the aspirations of both visual and physical and guide exposure fields to the front window. in its form the exhibition furniture unfolds differently during the journey. Some niches in the cabinet are highlighted and arranged in the manner of paintings in within which the glasses are exposed in their own compositions with shapes and colors that vary with the seasons. the glasses furniture gallery in the faces the hall of mirrors, antique mirrors a composition where guests can watch."

photographs: Simon Deprez

To learn more, visit theDumazer agency / Lafallisse Architects.

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