Equipped with a microprocessor and connected to the network, the "Smartswitch" is a switch informing and inviting the user to control their electricity consumption.

With the "Smartswitch" Peter Russo and Brendan Wypich, designers graduates of Stanford University in California, rethink the domestic electrical switch, the common object that usually makes sometimes invisible.

Whenever he lit the light by manipulating a switch "Smartswitch", users will be offered an opportunity to change their behavior and consumption. Turn on or off the light is no longer an automatic and unconscious gesture.

Equipped with a microprocessor, a network connection and a brake system, the switch "Smartswitch" transmits to the user tactile manner of information on energy consumption of the home or facility. Offering more or less resistance when handled, and it encourages the user to change his behavior, to consider substantial savings in the case of a large-scale use.

"Smartswitch" can indeed be programmed according to consumption and uses. Thus in a house equipped with switches "Smartswitch", the lights can become harder to turn the hours when consumption is highest. 

The "Smartswitch" can be easily integrated into the existing. Its dimensions make it compatible with standard recess boxes and data transmission takes place via power lines.

To learn more about Smartswitch is right here.

Source: Core77

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