The agency Olivier Chabaud and Associates Architects has realized the interior design and layout of a loft 136 5 m² on the second floor of a former parking lot of the rue Turgot in Paris.

An area of ​​concrete, marble, wood and stainless steel, contemporary, clean and bright.

The agency Olivier Chabaud Architects & Associates states:

"The plateau, situated in 5eme floor of an old floor in parking lot converted into housing program, 136m² fact, a single volume. It starts with a picture window on patio, balcony and ends side by a large canopy . between the two, a raw concrete long tunnel. All the key to development lies in the management of the light and in the perspective link between the living room.

Lourdes from constraints, the great depth and brightness high contrast guided architectural research. Far from the standard of the New York loft, shared commitment between client and architect was to obtain a harmonious and balanced outcome, heat imprint privacy, while respecting the identity and strength of the free board.

The smooth, white ground reacts as a spoiler, door and consistency of the place. A set of glass walls allows the separation and division of space as expected, completed for management intimidated by curtains or blinds. No obstacles can stop and view each room, seen from any point of view, resonates with others. The fineness of artificial light comes to perfect consistency of the place.

In this space, the layout indicates overlaps and functions, with a focus piece stainless steel, cantilever. The açades marbles are continuing by the drawings basins. The library is designed as an installation.

The tense lines and contemporary loft are in counterpoint with warm and noble materials, the relationship is intensified by the contrast raw / delicate matter materials. Concretes, white satin ground, and raw shuttering ceiling and columns. Marble and ash, parquet larch and stainless steel, the whole is punctuated by lakes beige, gray or eggplant arrangements. The atmosphere is simply magical obtained, naturally. "

Photos: Philippe Harden

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