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Located in Beijing (China), Poly WeDo Art Education is a creative center specially designed for ... children! And since kids need stimulating places to explore the breadth of their talents, the local Archstudio agency has designed a minimalist wooden case where they are free to sing, play an instrument, make, cook or cook. still dance!

Inspired by the rock formations and hills of traditional Chinese gardens, this 770 L-square meter school is characterized by its curved lines and the semicircular cut-outs of its partitions. Indeed, to reach the different courts, toddlers use a curvilinear labyrinth covered with wood, which is also found on the floor and ceiling.


Like inside a guitar, the entire program is visible from the winding course of the main corridor thanks to the absence of doors and small glass portholes. Courses of music and theater mingle here with more original lessons: tea service or craft practices. Making these spaces of entertainment visible to everyone helps to stimulate the creativity of young creators, while limiting the confinement aspect of a traditional classroom. The corridor is also equipped with swings that entertain the most active, stamping with impatience before starting their learning.

At the end of this gallery, a large, more industrial dance studio sits, with large windows offering a panoramic view of the skyscrapers of the city. The service ducts are left visible and repainted uniformly in gray, as are the floor and walls. Finally, the back wall is covered with mirrors, allowing children to appreciate their efforts during various exercises.

An eclectic place that allows toddlers to flourish in a multitude of areas.

To learn more, visit the Archstudio website

Photographs: Wang Ning

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