Le House : An’garden Café

Babylon had her hanging gardens, Hanoi (Vietnam) at her An'garden Café. At the heart of a former industrial site of 750 square meters, nature seems to have resumed its rights. Along a visible steel structure, the vegetation swarms and invests the whole restaurant, inviting the customers to taste their dishes in an environment located between tropical forest and manufacturing decoration.

Behind a glazed facade with geometric cutouts created by steel uprights hides a unique environment. Cement walls and concrete floors greet a lush jungle pioneering through a space lined with raw and contemporary furniture made of marble and wood. The set consists of many terraces and two covered catering floors. A connection with the exterior essential to the project, both in its construction and in its decorative elements.


Thanks to the graphic windows on the facade of the building and on the patio, the ground floor is bathed in light. At the heart of this level, a pool under the metal staircase, embellished with aquatic plants, adds an extra touch of nature. The series of steps leads to two mezzanines from which drifts lianas and other climbing plants of all kinds. This impression of hanging garden is reinforced by large wooden bins that seem to float in the restaurant, overlooking the guests. Further down, the upper mezzanine is open on a large terrace in height, where it is possible to sunbathe while admiring the tall trees that surround the place.

A prominent place given to vegetation that will only delight urban consumers in lack of green landscapes.

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Photographs: Hyroyuki Oki