Aurora Arquitectos : Hostel in Parede

Housed in an old ruined building in Cascais (Portugal), the hostel Aurora Arquitectos detonates by its use of colors. Between sky blue exterior and explosive tones inside, everything is done to ensure that this guest house offers its guests an unforgettable stay in the seaside resort of southern Lisbon.

Originally, a building in ruins certainly, but in which the designers were able to detect great possibilities. Indeed, the original geometry of this parallelepiped with four pyramidal volumes at the corners and a central staircase determined the spatial organization of the project 560 square meters of floor area. The goal here was to create a flexible set that can be easily modified. Since then, the architects have completely revised the interior by decompartmentalizing as much as possible to rearrange spaces more easily. They have also planned autonomous volumes, easily removable so that they can easily transform what is today an inn into a family home.


The ground floor welcomes the reception area and the kitchen, dining room and living room, open to all tenants. In the center, a spectacular yellow staircase leads upstairs to the only upper level where four bedrooms are located, all with their own bathroom - placed in a block in the middle of the room. A mezzanine also hosts two penates as well as a garage, a laundry and amenities.

But the plus of this sleek design lies in its use of colors. In neutral tones - gray, white, black - are associated primary shades, instantly brightening spaces. A subtle contrast that appears only by keys, whether on sections of walls or furniture, so that the risky choice of these bright tones does not attack the eye of the visitor.

A friendly place that may limit visits to the Portuguese coast so you feel at ease!

To learn more, visit the Aurora Arquitectos website

Photographs: do evil o menos

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