Mésarchitecture : XYZ Lounge

In Ghent (Belgium), the Zebrastraat, a residential and cultural complex dating back to 1906, was saved from destruction in 2001 by the Liedts-Meesen Foundation, which continues to evolve it with the delivery of the refurbished XYZ Lounge, a bar and restaurant. by the firm Mesarchitecture, created by the French artist and architect Didier Faustino. Between marble and pastel pink, the place was designed to encourage meetings.

In the Rue Zebrastraat, between two buildings in R + 2 brick, a passage leads to an oval courtyard housing a residential complex, seminar rooms, an exhibition space and a restaurant: the XYZ Lounge. On 360 square meters on one level, the establishment is designed as a place of exchange but also catering. It consists of an entrance hall and a nave all length, hosting a bar, which serves two side spaces: firstly a room with a projection screen and a counter, and on the other hand a smaller room giving access to an outdoor terrace, which can serve as a branch.

In this symmetrical organization of materials evoking the hue and sensuality of the flesh are put in place: marble panels, molded stucco linings, textile ceilings, wood coverings and luminous surfaces. A delicate composition capped by a made-to-measure prefabricated metal frame.
The furniture was designed for the occasion by Didier Faustino. Counters, islands and light suspensions are made of light marble and high stools made of green-gray lacquered steel tube and leather. Finally, polypropylene rotomoulded geometric seats from the collection Delete Yourself, made in 2016 by Didier Faustino and unveiled at the PlusDesign Gallery in Milan are available, can be arranged in different ways.

Un "Gap-space", as Didier Faustino calls it, where the trajectories between cocktails and meetings converge.

To learn more, visit the site of Didier Faustino

Photographs: Felipe Ribon and David Boureau

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